Elizabeth Venn Psychotherapy & Counselling
Farnham, Surrey

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Have you been considering therapy or counselling and are you finding it hard to…
• Feel confident
• Deal with depression or just feeling low
• Manage stress
• Deal with a bereavement or loss
• Coping with life issues and life changes
• Cope with a relationship breakdown or sexual issues
• Get along with people
• Enjoy life, work and family
• Cope with overwhelming feelings
• Cope with panic attacks and anxiety/PTSD

About me:
I am a highly experienced and accredited member of the BACP psychotherapist/ Counsellor working in the Farnham and Surrey areas for independent and public sectors.
I am a therapist and supervisor in Surrey and have a private psychotherapy/ Counselling practice in the South East London area (Farnham) and also run therapy groups for the Community Mental Health Teams (NHS) and the Alzheimer’s society for individuals with an early diagnosis of life threatening illnesses.
As a psychotherapist/counsellor in Farnham I am able to offer psychotherapy/counselling during the evening for clients that have work commitments.
I am also trained (member of the British Psychological society's Special Coaching group) to run psychotherapy groups and support groups in the independent sector for organisations which are interested in having a facility for staff or patients with overwhelming feelings associated with work, family and personal difficulties.
I also work as a psychotherapist with couples who are having difficulties or wish to develop the emotional and reflective aspects of their relationship.
I am a qualified supervisor and offer supervision to psychotherapists and counsellors.

I work and abide by the Ethical Framework Of 'The British association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists'.

Specialities include:
. Relationship difficulties
• Bereavement and loss
• Terminal illness
• Depression
• Panic attacks/PTSD
• Anger
• Organisational and couple work

If you are looking for a psychotherapist/counsellor in Farnham, Aldershot or Guildford or other parts of Surrey and Hampshire you can contact me on the mobile during the day or in the evening on my home number (both have a messaging service}

Contact me:

If you want therapy in surrey or Hampshire and are interested in having some psychotherapy or counselling and live in the Farnham/ Aldershot or Guildford areas call me on

01252 710128



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